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It’s been a pretty interesting year — well, a little over half a year — for Ideas@Innovations, at least. And, we’ve been through quite a few innovator-of-the-week competitions. We’ve taken the last few weeks away from the series to put together our innovator of the year poll. Now, it’s your chance to vote in our, as always, entirely non-scientific poll for the person, company or idea that was most innovative this year.

Some of these are evergreen, such as success and failure. Then there are some whose stories have yet to be fully told, such as the tax plans proposed by GOP presidential candidates Herman Cain and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and others who have left us with a tale for the ages, like Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison.

A few of the selections have been, on their face perhaps, somewhat silly, such as pitting Airbnb against Old Spice, while others could not have been more serious, such as America before and after 9/11. However you choose, think about what next year may have in store, and what will be next when it comes to the product, person or idea that will inspire, enlighten or merely entertain you.

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