An idea. We’ve all had one. Some die as soon as they’re born. Others float around for a while, and a few turn into the next great gadget, policy, corporation or movement. Ideas are powerful, and innovation is just a fancy way of describing something we all do: introduce a new idea.

On Ideas@Innovation (read: Ideas about Innovation), we want to tell you about some those interesting ideas — on technology, education, health care, urban issues and more. Here you’ll see news on such topics as the ongoing cyber war between nations and corporations and some small but determined hacker groups; the reimagining of the U.S. accreditation system for higher education; and the implications for the U.S. economy of the rising number of new inventions from the developing world, often referred to as “reverse innovation.”

You'll read about how people turn new ideas into real-world solutions, how they overcome the obstacles that confront them and where they turn for help and encouragement.

We’re also going to challenge the conventional wisdom whenever possible with analysis from industry leaders and academics. And, as we do throughout The Washington Post Web site, we’ll ask for your input and encourage you to join what we anticipate will be a robust, fruitful and constant conversation.

Meet our contributors:

Dominic Basulto


Basulto is a digital thinker at Electric Artists in New York. He was the editor of Fortune’s Business Innovation Insider and a founding member of, one of the Web’s first blog media companies. He is working on a book on innovation,”Endless Innovation, Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful.”

Vivek Wadhwa


Wadhwa is a senior research associate at Harvard Law School and director of research at Duke University’s Center for Entrepreneurship. His column discusses ideas on innovation.

Emi Kolawole


Emi Kolawole arrived at the Post in 2010 as a producer for PostPolitics and now edits the Post’s Innovations channel and Ideas@Innovations blog. Kolawole graduated from Wellesley College in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in international relations and theatre. She has a master’s degree from American University in producing for film and video.