A 1995 PSA is making the rounds on the Web because it basically predicts the future of the Internet down to the popularity of cat photos.

In the PSA, produced by the “Young Montana Media Group” (at least according to the video’s closing slate), unidentified children rattle off what are now run-of-the-mill Internet offerings: international sports scores, chatting with folks halfway around the world, and, well, posting photos of your cat and getting cat cupcake recipes.

“By the time we’re in college, the Internet will be our telephone,” says one child. If only they knew about Facetime ...

The Internet is rife with vintage videos advertising the future promise of the Internet. My personal favorite is this advertisement from Wang Industries advertising its electronic mail system:

So, what’s your favorite vintage Internet ad and what did you think the Internet was going to be back in 1995 (assuming you were on the Internet back in 1995)?

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