Have a great idea about how to encourage U.S. innovation? Prove it. (Wendy Galietta)

The question of how to grow U.S. innovation and, in so doing, sharpen the nation’s competitive edge is one for which there are myriad answers. Is the solution improving the patent laws, changing the immigration laws, upending the educational system — or, perhaps, all of the above?

The Washington Post invites you to share your ideas for how best to encourage U.S. innovation. It’s a problem for which nearly everyone has a solution, but now is your chance to put your ideas up against others’ and endorse ideas that you support. That’s right: We’re crowdsourcing the solution to improving America’s ability to generate the next great inventions.

As The Post’s Peter Whoriskey writes:

Few doubt that to grow, the nation must innovate — but how? We invite readers to post their specific ideas for accelerating development of the products, technologies and ideas we need to compete in global markets.

The cause of the sluggishness in the U.S. economy may be a matter of varied opinion, but the value of innovation is not. In this country with a distinguished history of engineering, running from the Model T to the iPhone, the question is not whether but how to make innovation happen more often.

So, now’s your chance. If you have an idea — well-thought-out, entirely off the wall or otherwise, share it. You never know — it may be just the idea the nation needs.

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