A screengrab from the March 21 episode of the PBS Digital Studios series "Inventors," featuring "mathe-magician" Mark Setteducati. (PBS Digital Studios)

“I guess I’m an inventor, because I have a lot of patents and I invent things. But I consider myself more of a magician and an artist than an inventor, because most inventors try to improve the world — they try to create the better moustra or make improvements on something. But, for me, it’s more of a personal expression.”

— Mark Setteducati, inventor of toys and games

“Mathe-magician” Mark Setteducati takes mirrors and puzzle pieces to create optical illusions and, ultimately, his own inventions. Setteducati is the latest profile from the PBS Digital Studios series, “Inventors.” The series is produced by filmmaker and photographer David Friedman.

So, the next time someone tells you math is boring, it may be worth passing this along.

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