View Photo Gallery: Eleven leading philanthropists spoke with The Washington Post’s Tom Heath about how much they have given in the past year, and their approach to charitable giving.

Eleven philanthropists spoke with the Post’s Tom Heath regarding how much they have given in the past year, and their strategy for giving.

Criag Ruppert is the CEO of Ruppert Landscape.

Ballpark, how much do you give?

The company gives 5 percent of our profit yearly to charitable causes. We also give as a family through the Ruppert Foundation. Suffice it to say that it’s not enough. Many people give a much larger percentage of their income or their time, and frequently this is done without recognition or anonymously. These people deserve much more recognition, and they are an inspiration to us.

HANDOUT: Craig Ruppert


How about the amount?

The amount changes yearly with our profit; for the Ruppert family personally, however, it has not changed.

How do you set your priorities?

Our focus tends to be projects that help those with special needs and disabilities, and the less fortunate, and often involve providing food, shelter and/or education.

How do you gauge the impact of donations you make?

Seeing the positive impact it has on our employees and the sense of satisfaction they have when they are directly involved with the giving. Also getting to see finished projects such as houses built with Food for the Poor or kids playing on athletic fields at the Washington Jesuit Academy.

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