Famed British singer Sarah Brightman smiles during her press conference in Moscow on October 10, 2012. (ANDREY SMIRNOV/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

The” Phantom of the Opera” star announced that she will be part of a three-person crew that will go into space on a date yet to be determined. The Russian Federal Space Agency and other international space station (ISS) partners plan to announce the exact date of her departure, which could be anywhere between 2014 and 2015, in the coming months. The trip is being coordinated by Space Adventures, Ltd. — the go-to company for those wealthy enough to pursue their dreams of space travel.

Brightman, a UNESCO Artist for Peace Ambassador, hopes to be the first professional musician to not only travel to space but sing from beyond Earth. The plan is for her to depart via Soyuz rocket and spend 10 days aboard the ISS. According to a Wednesday release, Brightman seeks to use the trip to promote “peace and sustainable development” as well as help bridge the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

Left to right: Eric Anderson Chairman, Space Adventures, singer Sarah Brightman and Aleksei Krasnov, RosCosmos attend a press conference in Moscow, Russia, 10 October 2012. (SERGEI ILNITSKY/EPA)

 “I don’t think of myself as a dreamer. Rather, I am a dream chaser,” said Brightman via the release.

Her choice of words echoed the title of her new album “Dreamchaser” scheduled for a January 2013 release. Brightman will begin her six months of mission training after her tour, which starts in January. Brightman has passed the physical requirements to embark on a trip to space, according to Alexey Krasnov, the head of the ISS Program at the Russian Federal Space Agency.

Space Adventures sent the first private citizen, Dennis Tito, to space in 2001. The company, which negotiates the purchase of seats aboard Russian space craft, has flown seven people to space on eight separate missions — Cirque du Soleil CEO Guy Laliberte has flown twice.

The price to fly is in the tens of millions of dollars — a pricetag that’s likely not a problem for Brightman, the world’s best-selling soprano.

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