A robot from the movie Terminator 3 "Rise of the Machines.” (MIKE BLAKE/REUTERS)

 It’s your afternoon pick-u-up.

While it’s not quite Skynet, it’s close. Robots that can learn are here — well, they’re in Japan.

Scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology are developing a robot that can learn from its surroundings and solve specific problems that it is not programmed to solve.

Before you freak out and make a bee-line for your underground safe-room, we recommend watching the video after the jump.

The robot uses artificial intelligence to solve tasks it has never done before, thinking of each step in advance. The SOINN (Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network) technology also allows the robot to communicate with others to learn from their experiences.

There’s no word yet on when the robot will appear on the market.

View photos of the robot.

(Via Huffington Post)