This June 8, 2009, photo shows Jonathan Ive, right, Apple‘s senior vice president of Industrial Design, during an Apple meeting in San Francisco. (Paul Sakuma/AP)

That’s Sir Jonathan Ive to you.

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design, was knighted Wednesday by the princess royal, according to the BBC. Ive is behind the sleek all-in-one packaging unique to Apple’s products, including the iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac and just about every other iProduct. His designs are among the most influential in the history of technology to date.

Ive was born in London and studied at Northumbria University back when it was Newcastle Polytechnic. He, along with three others, co-founded the design agency Tangerine, before he was spotted and eventually hired by one of the company’s clients: Apple.

Ive lives in San Francisco and, in true Apple fashion, keeps very much to himself, granting few interviews. The Daily Telegraph’s Shane Richmond, however, snagged a sit-down with, at that point, her majesty’s soon-to-be newest knight. Richmond writes that, for Ive, the honor of knighthood is “incredibly humbling.”

In the interview, Ive also credits Britain’s industrial history with influencing his own design sensibilities. “I’m very aware of an incredible tradition in the UK of designing and making, and so to be recognized in this way is really wonderful,” said Ive. The design maestro also gives credit to his father for inspiring his sense of design and craftsmanship.

Another quality nugget: If the queen asked for a scoop on the latest Apple product, Ive notably doesn’t say whether he’d let her majesty a peek behind Apple’s heavy curtain.

Read the full interview over at The Daily Telegraph.

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