The concept of the social movie — a film powered by and meant to generate social engagement — isn’t new. Technology company Intel has done it before.

They’re doing it again, this time with a twist, teaming up with Toshiba to give aspiring actors an opportunity to star in a multi-part film alongside the likes of Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The movie is directed by Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning film director Drake Doremus. The first episode, which was released on Aug. 16, has received multiple shares on Facebook and views on YouTube — a great marketing coup for the two tech companies.

The next installment lands Thursday.

The film centers around Alex, a protagonist who, every day, is someone different. The film, narrated by Grace, reveals Alex’s struggles as a different person, particularly as it relates to his sex life, and his chronicling of his various personalities. Aspiring actors can audition by submitting their photo and video via Facebook to Doremus and his team. A lucky few will be chosen over the course of the five films to star alongside the two-person celebrity cast.

The film, aside from showcasing Doremus’s signature, romantic, sepia-toned style, provides the Intel/Toshiba team with automatic positive feedback in the form of their cast list (one commenter on YouTube writes, “I CAN’T STOP WATCHING. Mainly because I’m just too happy I’m in it.”) and an opportunity to market the film’s real star: the Intel-powered Toshiba Protege Ultrabook, which Alex carries just about everywhere and, most importantly, uses to keep a record of his daily incarnations.

The film is a nice distraction and offers a fun opportunity to audition for a well-shot film, making for a very pretty, if not involved, laptop advertisement.

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