William Shatner in his role as Capt. James Kirk in TV’s “Star Trek.” (NBC)

( Read Michael Cavna’s take on the ”Star Trek” Google doodle. )

The doodle plays on some of the show’s traditional plot tricks, including a gaussian-lensed glamour shot of communications officer Lieutenant Nyota Uhura.

The characters, all represented as letters in the Google logo, don’t all respond to roll-overs and mouse clicks. But the doodle, run through a series of interactive frames, lets you beam down Capt. James T. Kirk and defeat an alien.

The alien-defeat scene — a great send-up of the “redshirts” tradition — reminded me of one of my favorite science-fiction film scenes:

At least in the case of the Google doodle, the redshirt survives.

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Disclosure: My brother works for Google, but not on the doodle team.

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