A picture reading 'Danke, Steve' (Thank you, Steve) was placed outside of the Apple Store in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. (Ralph Orlowski/GETTY IMAGES)

Washington Post Innovations columnist Vivek Wadhwa issued a statement regarding the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Steve left a deeper mark on an entire generation than anyone in recent memory. He has changed the way we work and, in the tech world, the way we think. He taught us the importance of design, elegance, and quality. He defied the conventional wisdom about price being the key motivator for technology. He proved that people will pay premium prices for easy to use, elegant products.

He is to Silicon Valley what Gandhi was to India.

Jobs died Wednesday, and fans and detractors alike reacted on social media throughout the night and into Thursday, while notable figures, including President Obama, issued their own statements on Jobs’s passing.

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