If you’re slumping and ready to go home, that must mean it’s time for the afternoon pick-u-up.

Let’s start with a question. What happens when you turn a bus stop into a lounge?

Artist Julie Kim set out to answer this question by placing a coffee table (she made it herself) next to a bus stop bench in Los Angeles, California. The goal, said Kim, was to create a space similar to an outdoor living room. A flower vase and newspaper were set out on the table to finish off the look.

Kim then sat back — way back where she couldn’t be seen by passersby — and filmed the patrons as they sat or walked by. The resulting video shows that the table turned the bus stop bench into a hub of interaction. "Many neighborhoods in L.A. still lack built features that stimulate the senses and elicit interest at pedestrian scale," Kim said in an interview with GOOD magazine’s Alissa Walker. "Perhaps the coffee table filled that role momentarily."

(GOOD via Gizmodo)