The Apple iPhone is displayed at the Verizon Wireless store at Jefferson Pointe in Fort Wayne, Ind. (LAURA J. GARDNER/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

While Apple’s iPhone is celebrated for its small size and sleek design, Benjamin Bachmeier’s iPhone will likely wow you with the exact opposite. Bachmeier created an iPhone out of a 40-inch flat-screen. The device is called the iTableous, and while it is not Apple certified, your reaction to it may be similar to the one you had when you first encountered the original iPhone. The phone runs on Mac OS X and Windows 7, rather than the Apple’s mobile platform, iOS.

The case is mounted on a box that allows you to flip the iPhone on its side or flat on its back.

We are counting down the days before this is available as a wall-mounted flat-screen television option. Although we fully anticipate we will be counting for some time.