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Welcome to the innovations morning read, the stories we’re reading over coffee or on the go:

1) LulzSec suspect arrested in Essex, England

Sky News reports that the suspected mastermind of the hacking group LulzSec has been arrested. The arrest of the 19-year old suspect comes as the result of a joint raid by the FBI and Scotland Yard. The Post reports that the FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment. (Sky News)

2) Malcolm Gladwell: Be late to the game

Author Malcolm Gladwell appeared at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on Monday and provided a list of companies that were wildly successful, but weren’t first on the scene. “You don’t have to be an innovator to be a good entrepreneur,” said Gladwell. “You can take something and make it better.” (USA Today)

3) Japan reclaims super computer supremacy

Japan has the most powerful computer for the first time in seven years. The Fujitsu K, a play on the Japanese word for “10 quadrillion” (the number of operations per-second it is designed to perform) is faster than the reigning Chinese machine, the Tianhe-1A. (Financial Times)

4) No, doc, the other leg!

The Washington Post released a special report on wrong-site surgery Tuesday. Seven years ago, surgeon Dennis O’Leary said the problem can be prevented by ”very simple stuff.” But new findings show the problem may be getting worse. (The Washington Post).

5) is here

Harvard’s Nieman Lab calls it “a nonfiction nerd’s fantasy.” The site, which is still in beta, recommends non-fiction books and stories for users to read. Log in, create an account and start exploring. Byliner also interfaces with your Facebook account, allowing you to leave comments via Facebook. The site is the creation of the publishing platform Byline Originals, thus the offerings of original material from the publisher under “featured originals.” (Nieman Lab)