It’s all about Radiohead in today’s afternoon pick-u-up.

First, if you haven’t heard, the band just performed a new track called “Staircase” for the podcast-now-TV program “From the Basement”:

And, in case you missed it, this composite video was posted on June 16 of a variety of performers all rocking Radiohead’s 1997 hit “Paranoid Android”:

The user who uploaded the video, “OHADI22,” described the crowd-sourced performance as follows:

This video is more than just a collection of clips sewn together. It reflects what a small world we now live in and that music is a more powerful tool than any other.

While politicians and the media try to persuade us that language/cultural barriers will lead to war, all the people in this video, from all over the world, just wanted to sing this song because they wanted to create something beautiful. And now they have. 10/10

Now, back to work.