Intel and Toshiba have joined forces to create “The Inside Experience,” a social media movie that lets you participate in the action.

“Phantom of the Opera” actress Emmy Rossum plays Christina Perasso, who was abducted Monday. Perasso sent out her first broadcast from a locked room, where she’s being held.

In upcoming video addresses, she will give direct-to-camera monologues in which she will provide clues to her whereabouts. The videos are to be broadcast via YouTube and accompanied by Facebook posts and Tweets.

The film is an intricate marketing effort by Intel and Toshiba for the laptop featured prominently in the film as Perasso’s only means of communication with the outside world. In each video, Perasso provides clues to viewers, who are then able to give feedback via social media when they believe they have solved one of the pieces of the puzzle. When a piece of the puzzle is solved, a new video will be released. Perasso has been posting to Facebook since June 21.

The film makes it impossible to determine how long the film will be, since viewers’ ability to solve the puzzles presented in each segment and post will determine how quickly each subsequent clip will be released.

Are you watching, and do you plan on participating in solving the puzzle? The comments, as always, are all yours.