One group that spends time watching the skies vigilantly for UFOs has been paying particular attention to Mars lately, specifically the high-resolution photographs sent back to Earth by the Curiosity rover.

The Alien Disclosure Group has been keeping a close eye on Curiosity’s photo album and — woo boy! — have they made some discoveries, including what appear to be in the far, far, far, far, far off distance, unidentified flying objects.

Or are they?

Then there’s this video:

It appears to show a shoe or sandal and a finger, complete with fingernail, of an alien.

But wait, there’s more!

There’s also a “martian animal of some kind,” or is it a “weird rock”?

Better freak out just in case, right?

We’re fans of open questions, but this is an open-and-shut case. The pixels featured in the video above are not flying. The objects in question have been identified, Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz writes, as being specks inside the rover itself:

 These are not flying saucers or weather balloons or Venus gleaming in the morning. They appear in every single image captured by these Curiosity cameras, at any time of the day. That happens because they are not floating outside of the rover. They are in the sensor itself: some of the receptors in the sensor are not working.

The specks in the image are, in fact dead pixels, common to Earthling cameras. This isn’t the first time Diaz has taken the air out of floating questions about the origin of certain specks in the Curiosity images.

Then, of course, there’s the alien finger/martian animal/weird rock phenomenon. Given, as Diaz points out, that Curiosity was sent to find the building blocks of life, an alien finger would make for, at the very least, an awkward conversation between President Obama and NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.

Read Diaz’s breakdown over at Gizmodo.

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