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NASA probably couldn’t have asked for a better marketing video if it had gone to Madison Avenue with a space shuttle full of money.

The video, which landed (pun intended) on a new video channel called Satire, marries the popular LMFAO hit “Sexy and I Know It” with factoids from the NASA Curiosity mission. It comes complete with shout-outs to Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

As we’ve written before, the public and private sectors (including NASA) are desperate to grow science, technology, engineering and math talent in the United States. Needless to say, it has been a tough sell, considering this is the generation that is growing up watching the end of the space shuttle program and U.S. astronauts being sent to the international space station on Soyuz rockets.

Not to mention that LMFAO is a hit with the kids, despite the fact that their lyrics, unlike math homework, aren’t appropriate for all ages. But Satire’s rendition is a classroom-friendly version any parent or teacher will probably want to hear their kids singing ... before and after they finish their math homework.

Update 3:36 p.m.: I just got off the phone with Zachary Cohn, a member of the newly formed Satire team behind the parody video.

Cohn has worked with humor video channel LaughPong, which has offered up humorous takes on politics, video games and tech policy. By day, Cohn works for the nonprofit Startup Weekend. The team at Satire is mostly comprised of friends, family and friends of friends. Production team roles are flexible, with members of the team learning new skills and applying them with each new video. Videos from the new channel will, says Cohn, arrive weekly.

The team has yet to hear feedback from NASA, although a member of the cast and production team, Anne Ketola, is a former NASA employee. The badges the team wears on their shirts, says Cohn, are actual NASA mission badges.

“If NASA wanted to do something with us, I am sure we wouldn’t say no. ... We’re all big fans of everything NASA’s doing.”

As for what’s on the docket next week, Cohn says the group’s next idea meeting is tonight.

Thanks to colleague Melissa Bell for bringing this our way.

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