Aatma Studio released a video Fridaydepicting a potential security measure against someone stealing your iPhone. (Oli Scarff/GETTY IMAGES)

A video making its way around the Web shows an imagined security measure against someone stealing your iPhone: Siri just blows it up.

The video shows an unidentified user of a computer-generated iPhone. The user tries three times to enter the correct passcode on the phone. After the third unsuccessful attempt, Siri takes over.

“Incorrect password, I’m now going to disable the iPhone. Goodbye.”

Goodbye, indeed. The phone’s screen cracks, leaving a hole where Siri’s animated icon once was. The scenario is fictional (so far) — created by animation and digital content company Aatma Studio, based in San Francisco.

In an e-mail Monday afternoon, Aatma CEO Pramod Modi Shantharam wrote, “The video was created by a three-member team at Aatma. The computer generated Siri feature was designed to be a funny concept, while simultaneously pushing the envelope on iPhone security.”

Aatma’s YouTube channel is a collection of iPhone what-ifs in the form of digitally-rendered prototypes. The company has been re-imagining Apple products for some time, showing off renderings of ultra-thin tablets and phones. Their iPhone5 concept video received over 50 million page views, since it was uploaded in August.

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