Port Arthur, Tex. — The Valero oil refinery looms over the small streets of this blighted port city. A vast maze of pipes and vats and boilers, the refinery traces its rootsback 111 years, to just months after the historic Spindletop gusher that triggered the Texas oil rush. Today the Spindletop well is marked by […]

The refineries are eagerly waiting. Valero, the largest U.S. oil refining company, would be one of the biggest customers of oil from the Keystone XL pipeline, buying about 150,000 barrels a day. What happens to the Canadian oil once it arrives in this port is central to the debate over the need to build the Keystone XL. […]

TransCanada’s plan to dig a trench and bury part of its $7 billion, 1,700-mile Keystone XL pipeline right through this land has unearthed a host of Native American opposition, resentments and ghosts of the past. Winning support in Indian country is one of the last hurdles for the project, which is touted as a key to […]

Cushing, Okla. — In energy circles, the town of Cushing is well known as the hub used by New York oil traders to set the benchmark price for all U.S. crude oil. Row after row of giant oil storage tanks are lined up around a moribund downtown and a shopping strip. At the edge of […]

TransCanada has submitted a second revision of the Nebraska portion of the route for its controversial Keystone XL pipeline, seeking to mollify critics fearful of the oil pipeline’s potential impact on ecologically sensitive terrain and waterways. The company gave its redrawn route to the state Department of Environmental Quality, moving two segments of the line […]

Seven opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline chained themselves to a truck carrying pipe for the project until police came and arrested them. To get some of them loose, one of the truck’s bumpers had to be removed, according to activists there. Others attached themselves to the truck axle. The demonstration in Livingston, Tex., was […]

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