SPALDING, Neb. — Bob Bernt, a bear of a man, a rancher and a lifelong Republican, had about 25 people over recently for a pork-and-beans cookout.The ranchers and farmers who drove their pickups to Bernt’s place were almost all Republicans, of one stripe or another. One sported a Ron Paul button. Another said he had […]

Harold Hamm, who grew up just across the tracks, has a lot to savor these days. As the youngest of a sharecropper’s 13 children, Hamm spent his earliest years nearby picking cotton until the first snowfall or Christmas, whichever came first. Today, the 66-year-old Hamm is a multibillionaire who could buy the entire town several […]

EL DORADO, Kan. – These days El Dorado is probably best known as the place where President Obama’s maternal grandfather grew up for a while. It’s less well known for its oil and gas museum. The oil industry in Kansas is 152 years old, dating from a well drilled in 1860.  But it wasn’t until […]

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