Harold Hamm sat in a corner of the Railhead Diner, having polished off a plate of meatloaf and savored a bite of the fried pie with chocolate filling. Hamm, who grew up just across the tracks, has a lot to savor these days. As the youngest of a sharecropper’s 13 children, Hamm spent his earliest […]

DIRECT, Tex. – Julia Trigg Crawford, a landowner fighting TransCanada in north Texas, couldn’t be more different from John Harter, the rancher we met in South Dakota. Harter had always worked on the ranch and was a weather-beaten man from whom anger at TransCanada dripped out slowly but steadily. The 6-foot-tall Crawford is a former […]

CUSHING, Okla. – It was sundown when Nat Ninness, 28, drove up the gravel road between an oil tank farm and his sister’s house. Ninness is a driller who lives a mile away, and for years he has traveled out of town for work. Now, however, some companies are drilling near here again, using hydraulic […]

PONCA CITY, Okla. – Keith Mossman gave us a tour of the TransCanada pumping station here, which boosts pressure in TransCanada’s existing Keystone pipeline for oil to travel the final 42 miles to Cushing. New  stations will be added for the southern leg of the Keystone XL line going from nearby Cushing to the Texas […]

  • Michael S. Williamson
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  • Aug 6, 2012
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Jane Kleeb is a savvy activist who, Nebraska’s Republican governor once said, “has a tendency to shoot her mouth off most days.” A Florida native who moved to Nebraska in 2007 after marrying a rancher active in Democratic politics, she did as much as anyone to bring the massive Keystone XL crude oil pipeline to […]

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