This morning, the Economist Intelligence Unit released a Global Food Security Index that ranks 105 countries according to three key factors: the affordability, accessibility, and nutritious value of food.   Their findings show that the United States ranks highest in terms of food security, followed by Denmark, Norway and France, while Burundi, Chad and the Democratic Republic of Congo rank the lowest.  Brazil, China, and India fell in the middle of the pack – ranking at 31, 38, and 66 respectively.

Washington Post Live has been holding food security forums around the United States as food security has become an increasingly urgent concern. With the world’s population is expected to swell to 9 billion by 2050, agricultural production will have to increase significantly in order to meet the growing need.

Even though the United States -- which produces a significant amount of the world's food - has come out top of the Global Food Security Index, many Americans still lack dependable access to healthy food. See articles recently written in the Post about food security.

At the Washington Post Live's Future of Food forum in Washington last month, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, FEED’s Lauren Bush Lauren and other leaders discussed innovations to increase agricultural productivity and access to healthy, affordable food.  Video clips can be viewed here.

Washington Post Live’s  next Future of Food conference will be in Arizona Monday, July 16th