Whether it’s empty grocery aisles or dark clouds, share your Sandy photos with us on Instagram by tagging your pics with #SandyDC, #SandyVA or #SandyMD.

As you prepare for the storm  — and ride it out — we want to know about your experience. Send us videos, photos, or tweets about what you’re seeing, how you’re stocking up, or what you’re doing to pass the time. (See contributions here).

TWITTERIf you’ve got a Twitter account and you’re sending updates about Sandy, use the applicable hashtag (#SandyDC, #SandyMD #SandyVA). We might re-tweet you or feature it on The Grid.


INSTAGRAMIf you use Instagram, tag your storm photo with #SandyDC, #SandyVA, or #SandyMD. We’ll be putting Instagrams with these hashtags on our site. If we “like” your photo, it may appear on The Grid.  Mentioning @washingtonpost means you allow us to publish your photo on our site. Also consider uploading your photos to our gallery.


SOCIALCAM: This Android and iPhone app lets users easily record, edit and share short video clips. Be sure to include #SandyDC, #SandyVA or #SandyMD in the title of your video. We won’t be able to see your video unless you make it public. When you share your video, select the YouTube option to increase the likelihood that more people will see your video.

TEXT MESSAGES: If you lose power, text us at (202) 643-9276 when your power goes out, and make sure to include #powerout in (your city/neighborhood) and a bit about how you’re holding up in your message. When your power returns, send a message to that same number and make sure to include #poweron in the message.
Note: Your full phone number will never be shown on our Web site, and by texting us, you aren’t signing up for any additional alerts/newsletters/etc. Standard text messaging rates apply.

Reminder: Please charge your phones and have a car charger ready in case of electricity outages.

Some frequently asked storm questions:

How do I prepare for the storm?

Is my school closed?

Where have they cancelled early voting?

What are the government officials saying in DC, MD, VA, and National?