Upon Huguette Clark’s death on May 24, 2011, at 104, her estate was officially valued at $306,489,687.23.In the decades since her brief marriage in 1928,at 22, she signed three wills — the last two within six weeks of each other.

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Will No. 1 (1929)
Everything was left to her mother, Anna La Chapelle Clark, the second wife of Huguette’s father, billionaire William Clark. She died in 1963. Huguette was divorced in 1930 and had no children. By default, the Corcoran Gallery of Art would receive a $3 million trust created by her mother in 1926.

Will No. 2 (March 2005)
$5 million: Hadassah Peri, private nurse
Remaining fortune: 21 grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Huguette’s two half-sisters and half-brother from William Clark’s first marriage.
$0: The Corcoran

Will No. 3 (April 2005)
15 percent of the fortune: To create an arts foundation in her $85 million seaside mansion, Bellosguardo,in Santa Barbara, Calif. The Bellosguardo Foundation also would receive all her artworks — except one painting.
A Monet “Water Lilies” painting, worth $25 million: The Corcoran
$100,000: Henry Singman, doctor
$500,000: Christopher Sattler, Huguette’s personal assistant
$500,000: Wallace Bock, lawyer
$500,000: Irving Kamsler,  accountant (Bock and Kamsler also were named executors, an assignment worth an estimated $8 million)
$1 million: Beth Israel Medical Center
60 percent of the remaining estate and the doll collection: Peri, the nurse
25 percent of the remaining estate: A goddaughter
$0: Descendants of William Clark’s first marriage

For more stories, including Date Lab and Gene Weingarten, visit WP Magazine.
For more stories, including Date Lab and Gene Weingarten, visit WP Magazine.