A day after President Obama outlined a series of policies aimed at boosting the housing market, he answered questions from homeowners and renters in a live Q&A session with real estate Web site Zillow. Here’s a roundup of questions from social media, with answers to some of them from Wonkblog’s Lydia DePillis.

Questions were sent in on Twitter using the hashtag #AskObamaHousing.

Making homeownership affordable was one of the top concerns.



President Obama’s policy: Obama wants financial institutions to pay a small assessment on mortgage-backed securities that will support low-income housing. That approach would replace explicit goals for lending to poor people, which is upsetting to some advocates.

Others asked about incentives to encourage first-time home buyers and young renters.



President Obama’s policy: At his speech [in Phoenix on Tuesday], Obama spent precious little time talking about the third of Americans who rent their homes, and may do so forever. The fact sheet touts several existing programs, urges Congress to pass a budget that invests in affordable rental housing, requests that the new housing finance system support multifamily development, and expresses a hope that local governments can reduce barriers to housing construction.

Watch Obama’s response to a question from a young graduate who still lives with his parents because he cannot afford housing:

And here are some questions President Obama didn’t get to:






Finally, Obama said he would push for reform in Congress before the end of 2013.

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