The University of Virginia’s student newspaper tweeted some alarming news on Monday afternoon:

Fear and outrage quickly spread across the grounds of Thomas Jefferson’s university, where a historic bawdy drinking song includes this verse: “From Rugby Road to Vinegar Hill, we’re gonna get drunk tonight. The faculty’s afraid of us; They know we’re in the right. So fill up your cups, your loving cups, as full as full can be. And as long as love and liquor last, we’ll drink to the U of V.” Fun fact: an unofficial U-Va. mascot is the wahoo, a fish that can apparently drink twice its own weight.

Those on Twitter started using the hashtag #UVAdormsearch, and there were reports of some students rushing to empty or hide their prohibited booze collections. There was skepticism early on, and the dean of students even tweeted, “Hoax?” The student newspaper tweeted updates from the housing department, Alcoholic Beverage Control, and campus and local police, denying that coordinated searches were underway.

So, don’t worry U-Va. students, your illegal stash of Natty Light is apparently safe for now. And kudos to the ‘Hoos who came up with these funny tweets, which I greatly enjoyed reading this afternoon: