Things change.

For instance, blogs.

Blogs are born. Blogs grow up. Blogs fade away.

This is the circle of (digital) life.

Rosenwald, Md. launched in July 2011 as a place, I wrote, to connect “the stories of Maryland residents to news that shapes their lives. It is a place for learning, sharing, laughing, informing, and most of all it is place to be delighted at the wonder of our shared community.”

We had good times. We had a toy man reflecting. We had my attempt at getting Burger King delivered — and enjoying it. We had the sentencing in the Lululemon murder trial, when a judge showed a community’s anger. And we had the Route 29 Batman.

As Mayor of Rosenwald, Md. it is my duty to now report this: Town hall is now closed. The blog is over. I hereby resign to spend more time with my family.

No, actually we’ve been rethinking blogs here at the Post. Many of us bloggers are moving over to personality pages. In one place, you’ll be able to find all my stories for various sections of the paper (Page One, Metro, Outlook, Sunday Business) as well blog posts about life in Maryland and the rest of the region. Click here for the link to my personality page, which you can bookmark for easy access.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll add ways to communicate in real-time, including live chats.

It will be fun. It will be new. And it will be great.

See you soon.