(Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

A newspaper columnist used to have a secretary. And a hat. And maybe some bourbon in the drawer.

I never got any of those. (Unless you count the cough syrup on my desk.)

I’ve made peace with the fact that I’ll never get a secretary to help me write back to all the fabulous readers who share their thoughts with me. But I’m getting something even better – and entire page on the Post website.

The column for the rest of us has broken out of its dead-wood limitations and will now also have its own, virtual home,  where we can keep conversation going every day.

This page, created by the Post’s better-dressed, cooler tech folks who always make the rest of us feel schlubby in the elevator, will be home to past Petula Dvorak columns, and some other stuff, too.

I can follow up on columns, answer questions readers have asked, share your insights and suggestions and post stories that are a little too short for a column (but too good not to share). The page will grow and change, we’ll add ways to have live chats and find a place for resources you’re asking for.

Bookmark it here. Hang your hat, read, chat. You can even bring your own bourbon. Or just some cough syrup.