(Bonnie S. Benwick/The Washington Post)

It looks like there will be more to do at Union Market this summer than buy pricey gelato. Last week, the facility announced it would be hosting its own summer movie series, but with a twist: A drive-in. That monstrous wall on the side of the large building just off Florida Avenue, NE will serve as the screen, with the parking lot available for cars to pull up and enjoy a modern take on an old form of entertainment.

Summer movies have become THE go-to seasonal nighttime programming events for neighborhoods that have the space to do it, but Union Market’s take on things looks far more fun than the usual blanket-and-cheese crowd. I’m willing to bet most people who head to this will have never seen a real live carhop in operation in their lives.

Also, the movie selection is strong. Many long-time and native residents cringe when we hear the term “Washington, D.C.-centric” for anything, but in conjunction with ReelPlan, they’ve put together a nice little lineup. Too often does that term mean a random movie involving a president or presidential character. And while they don’t stray too far from that theme, these aren’t your average surefire summer hits on the docket. The selections aren’t only geared toward young hipsters and/or amateur film buffs.

“Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb,” “Distinguished Gentleman,” (my personal favorite from these four), “The American President” and “No Way Out” provide four perfectly different movie options for all to enjoy.

I’ve been going to summer movies in D.C. since the first Screen on the Green festival back when I was just out of high school. I’ve never had any major complaints about the trend or its growth. But, it is exciting to see a new location give it another shot with a new spin that, on the surface at least, feels like it’s designed to be all-inclusive.