Earlier this summer, the above photo showed up in my Facebook feed. It’s a letter home from camp, written by cute little Ellie, the daughter of our friends Andra and Steve. Me, to my wife: “Did you see Ellie’s letter? So cute.”

My wife and I, sitting on the couch and trolling Facebook, as we do most evenings, started talking about our own letters from camp back when we were smaller people. I told my wife how after scribbling home about the brutal heat, my parents replied with advertisements for air conditioners. I miss Camp Blue Ridge.

There is magic in camp letters — the complaints about bug bites, the heat, the food, the stories of dances, of first loves, of trips, of bonfires, of summer, the sweetness of summer in barely legible handwriting. (Remember handwriting? It came before texting.)

So let’s celebrate summer by celebrating letters home from camp. We’ve set up a form for you to submit photos of the best letters home from your children this summer. I’ll highlight the best letters in a future post and write a story about them as summer ends. Send ’em in!

Here’s the form. And thanks.