Pictured: A goat. (Fritz Hahn/The Washington Post)

A flock of “eco-goats” has been brought to the Historic Congressional Cemetery in Southeast Washington.

These goats have a very specific task, as Ian Shapira discusses in his story on the animals ambling about near the graves of figures such as J. Edgar Hoover:

Each day for the next week, the goats must eat more than an acre’s worth of poison ivy and English ivy imperiling the cemetery’s trees and endangering tombstones. The 206-year-old cemetery, owned by the Christ Church and run by a nonprofit, figures the goats are a cheaper and less toxic way of cleaning up the 35-acre property, which borders the Anacostia Watershed.

The cemetery already draws plenty of tourists and joggers, but as Fritz Hahn points out, the goats are only going to lure additional visitors. Hahn also has several pointers for people interested in checking out the goats, including where to go and information on tours.

Of course, news of the goats drew reporters to the cemetery and prompted jokes on Twitter:

Heading to the cemetery to check out the goats? Tweet your photos with the hashtag #goatmower.