jeggings-conan-obrien Conan O’Brien modeling jeggings. Yikes. (TBS)

You know it’s hard out here for a kid, when they’re trying to get their fashion game on. But Mount Vernon High School in Fairfax County is laying down some dress code guidelines, as reported by The Post’s T. Rees Shapiro Wednesday, to include no “jeggings” without sufficient covering. You don’t know about jeggings? Well join the club. Jeggings are just leggings made to look like skinny jeans. But you still need some coverage over your jeggings or leggings, at least at Mount Vernon, to stay appropriate and keep the focus on schoolwork. After looking at Conan O’Brien, right, we can see their point.

Mount Vernon produced a YouTube slide show which you can see below, but to keep us all up on the latest dos-and-don’ts of teen fashion, here are some of the highlights.

No gym shorts or short shorts:

But this is fine. Hey, Mom’s here!

Headwear is basically a no-no, even for Redskins fans and devotees of anorexic celebrities.

There’s also a prom dress code at Mount Vernon, one of the restrictions of which is no micro-minis or plastic bags for skirts:

Mount Vernon’s principal, Nardos King, told Shapiro that Mount Vernon’s dress code is perhaps the only one that explicitly defines the length of dresses, shorts and skirts. King said that the “three-inch rule” helps parents and teens pick out an appropriate wardrobe for the classroom. So now, it’s just not so hard out here, right kids? Right. Here’s the full Mount Vernon fashion do’s and don’t’s slideshow: