Hollywood Casino at Perryville. (Doug Kapustin for The Washington Post)

Each month, the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency’s compliance division produces summaries of all the incidents and infractions reported at the state’s four casinos.

Each month, it’s among my favorite things to read (at least among official documents).

Here are a few highlights from the October report. Where you see something in square brackets — [like this] — it means I’ve added text to explain the state’s shorthand; the summaries are otherwise verbatim.

Hollywood Casino at Perryville

* On 10/17/13, PPD [Perryville Police] arrived at the casino with a bag of coins requesting to use the casino’s coin counter. The officer spoke with guest services then left without using the counter.

* On 10/18/13, six (6) cameras that cover the parking lot went out of operation due to an electrical contractor digging in the lot. The cameras were out of operation for approximately eight (8) hours and all video footage during that time period was lost.

Casino at Ocean Downs

* On 10/3/13, an elderly male subject and an elderly female subject were located
together in the north restroom. Both subjects appeared to be intoxicated and were
evicted from the property for the evening.

* On 10/19/13, a patron reported to security that he had left an $800.00 voucher in a VLT [slot machine] while he went to the restroom. When he returned, the voucher was missing. A check by surveillance revealed that a female subject had cashed out the voucher at a redemption machine and was exiting the casino at that time. Security confronted the subject and she advised that she thought it was “finders, keepers” at a casino. She returned the money to security who in turn returned it to the owner. A further review by surveillance revealed that the voucher had been lying on the floor and was picked up by a male housekeeping attendant. The attendant began conversing with the abovementioned female subject while she was at the roulette table. After they finished speaking with each other, she walked around the bar to the redemption machine and cashed out the voucher. When approached by security, the attendant advised that the female is his cousin however he denied picking up any vouchers. The attendant was immediately suspended pending further investigation by casino management. At the conclusion of the investigation, the attendant was terminated for theft.

Maryland Live Casino

* On 10/10/13, two (2) security guards, male and female, became involved in a physical altercation near the security window in the main lobby. Each subject struck the other during the altercation. Both subjects were suspended pending an investigation and were removed from the property.

* On 10/21/13, security responded to the poker room for an altercation between two (2) male patrons. The incident started due to them becoming upset at the poker table being too crowded. When advised that they had to leave they became disorderly with security and AACOPD [Anne Arundel County Police] had to respond to assist with evicting them.

Rocky Gap Casino

* On 10/27/13, a male patron was identified as being too intoxicated to remain on the gaming floor. The subject was evicted however security was concerned about his
condition and the fact that he would be driving. An empty hotel room was located so that he could sleep it off.

On 10/19/13, a male patron reported to security that when he was pulling his hand from his pants pocket, apparently his wedding ring fell off onto the floor. He did not discover it missing until later in the day. A review by surveillance revealed that a female subject picked the ring up and departed the casino. Surveillance was able to obtain a license plate number from her vehicle, and along with her friend’s player information, security was able to identify the subject. She was contacted via telephone at which time she admitted to having the ring. Security advised her she had one (1) hour to return the ring or law enforcement would be notified. The subject did return to the casino and gave the ring to security.

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