So what happens when you repeatedly drive through one of those E-ZPass gates without paying? On the Dulles Toll Road, Reston’s Jason R. Bourcier decided to find out. He told NBC4’s Chris Gordon that “a friend told him that when the toll booths were unmanned after 11:30 p.m., you could use the road without paying.” Boy was that friend wrong.

Bourcier, 33, received a bill for $202,000 (!). Not all of that was for tolls. Some was for the fines for not paying the tolls, which is $500 for the fourth and subsequent offense, and some was for administrative fees. Bourcier told USA Today that he was working at night and asked an attendant “if the cameras were on when there were no attendants on duty. He said they weren’t. So I started going through without paying the tolls.” More bad info.

Christopher Paolino, an MWAA spokesman, told USA Today that Bourcier had 335 violations beginning in 2009, and that “his were one of the largest number of violations that had been taken to court, so it was also one of the largest amounts awarded by the court.” He certainly takes up more pages in the Fairfax County General District Court computer than anyone I’ve ever seen, but 335 violations will do that.

Faced with a $202,000 tab, much of it in administrative fees, Bourcier negotiated a deal with prosecutors and MWAA, which operates the toll road. He pleaded guilty to 70 counts of failing to pay a toll, and agreed to pay fines and costs of $40,000, plus $56,000 in interest and other fees, for a grand cost of more than $96,000. He worked out a payment deal to pay $150 a month — for 54 years, until July 2067. He’ll be 87 then.

Here is Gordon’s interview with Bourcier.