Slot machine at Maryland Live Casino. (Mark Gail/The Washington Post)

What happens in Maryland’s casinos doesn’t necessarily stay in Maryland’s casinos.

Each month, the Lottery and Gaming Control Agency’s compliance division publishes summaries of the incidents and infractions reported at the state’s four casinos.

Here are a few entries from the December report. Square brackets — [like these] — indicate that I’ve added something to explain the state’s shorthand; the summaries are otherwise verbatim.

Dec. 1, Hollywood Casino at Perryville: “PPD [Perryville police] responded in reference to a theft of hubcaps from a patron’s vehicle.”

Dec. 1, Maryland Live: “Security responded to Zone 7 in reference to patrons reporting an intoxicated subject who was urinating on the wall. He was located and evicted from the casino.”

Dec. 6, Hollywood Casino at Perryville: “A male subject was identified as being enrolled in the voluntary exclusion program while cashing in chips and presenting identification. He departed the casino with $14,550 that he had cashed in prior to casino personnel realizing he was excluded. The casino will pursue criminal trespass charges.”

Dec. 7, Maryland Live: “AACOPD [Anne Arundel County police] responded in reference to an alleged sexual assault. Investigation revealed that a male subject who had been gaming with two (2) females had placed his hands on the females in an elevator, and solicited them for sexual activity. He then offered them money for a ride home. He entered their vehicle at which time they requested that he leave. He refused and became violent at which time one of the females threatened him with a tire iron. All involved subjects were issued evictions and AACOPD is continuing their investigation.”

Dec, 11, Casino at Ocean Downs: “Security personnel approached a male patron who appeared to be intoxicated and advised him he would have to leave. An offer was made to call a cab for him however he refused and drove his vehicle off of the property. MSP [Maryland State Police] was notified due to his condition. A short time later, MSP notified the casino that the subject had been located in his vehicle in the Walmart parking lot and was subsequently arrested.”

Dec. 12, Casino at Ocean Downs: “Security approached a subject that they believed to be wearing a concealed handgun. The subject admitted that he was wearing a handgun, and that he was an off-duty police officer. When asked for identification, he could not produce any and was advised that he would have to secure the weapon in his vehicle. The subject left and did not return. Due to him not having identification and then not returning, there was some question as to whether he was actually a law enforcement officer. He had used his player’s club card, and his identification was retrieved from that. A check with WCSO [Worcester County sheriff’s office] revealed that the subject is in fact an officer with a town police department in the county.”

Dec. 14, Maryland Live: “Security responded to the poker room in reference to an intoxicated and disorderly male subject. The subject refused to leave and took off running out of the poker room across the gaming floor. The subject ran into a slots attendant, knocking him down and causing an injury to his knee. The subject was detained by security and AACOPD [Anne Arundel County police] arrived to assist. Upon being escorted out of the casino, the subject became disorderly with the officers and was placed under arrest.”

Dec. 22, Rocky Gap Casino Resort: “A male subject was identified as being intoxicated and confrontational with employees and other patrons. Since he was staying at the hotel, he was advised to retire to his room until he sobered up. He made repeated calls to the front desk and tried several times to re-enter the casino. When he was finally allowed to enter the casino, the disorderly behavior continued and he was again evicted. The subject was given a final warning that if he continued MSP [Maryland State Police] would be notified to respond. There were no further issues.”

Dec. 23, Rocky Gap Casino Resort: “MSP [Maryland State Police] responded in reference to a vagrant female who had been dropped off at the casino. Casino security contacted the MSP then escorted the female from the casino. Upon arrival, the trooper transported her to a local motel and she was put up for the night by Social Services.”

Dec. 24, Hollywood Casino at Perryville: “PPD [Perryville police] responded to review surveillance footage of subject who had reported his debit card had been stolen at the casino and charges were made on it from that location. A review by surveillance revealed that the reporting subject had used the card and withdrew the amounts he claimed had been fraudulently withdrawn.”

Dec. 27, Maryland Live: “A female employee who worked in the player’s club was terminated for  theft. An investigation revealed that she was accessing inactive accounts and adding free slots play to them. She was then giving her boyfriend access to the accounts for him to play.”

Dec. 31, Maryland Live: “A female entered the east entrance, and upon removing her  identification from her pocket, she dropped a small bag containing a white powder type substance. AACOPD responded and the subject was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled dangerous substance.”

Dec. 31, Maryland Live: “Security personnel located a small child who had been left unattended  in a vehicle located on the 4th floor of the parking garage. The door to the vehicle was  opened and the child was removed. AACOPD [Anne Arundel County police] responded and a search of the vehicle revealed the name of a female subject. A description of the subject was obtained through surveillance and the information was given to security. The female was located on the gaming floor at a blackjack table and she was escorted to her vehicle where it was determined that she is the child’s mother. The female was placed under arrest and the child was transported to the hospital for evaluation. Through surveillance it was determined that the female had been in the casino for approximately eight (8) hours.”


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