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Snowy owl arrives at The Post’s headquarters

The snowy owl that was spotted at McPherson Square on Wednesday, only to move to a location your faithful owl correspondent couldn’t find yesterday, has resurfaced at a place guaranteeing it more media coverage.

It’s sitting on a ledge outside The Washington Post’s downtown headquarters at this very moment.

Of course, if a rare snowy owl plops itself down right outside a media organization, people who work for said media organization are going to have to ditch work to take photos:

At least one Post employee is alleging that this photo shows the handiwork (so to speak) of the owl, though we have not confirmed through independent sources that this is due to the owl (rather than, say, any other bird):

And, of course, the inevitable hashtag game quickly followed:

Well, that seems as good a place as any to wrap up this post. But just in case you want to see video proof of the owl, the PostTV folks were kind enough to send this over:

From moonlight to spotlight, the D.C. snowy owl pays the Post a visit. (Video: Jacques Ledbetter/The Washington Post)

[This post has been updated to add the Darryl Fears photo and the video.]