Emily Peterson, 17, and her brother, Ethan Peterson, 13, get a push from their father, Chris Peterson, as they take advantage of the snowfall and sled at Manassas National Battlefield Park on Jan. 22 in Virginia. (Matt McClain/ The Washington Post)

“Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!”

Perhaps that popular song, written by Sammy Cahn, should be the motto for this 2013-2014 winter season.

The forecast for this week marks the seventh “snow event” of the season, according to Jason Samenow, chief of The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang. So far, six events have produced 8.2 inches of snow in Washington, with higher totals outside the city.

Samenow said this week’s storm is “very likely to be the biggest of the season.” With a 50/50 chance of snowfall exceeding 8 inches, Samenow said “this could well be the biggest snowstorm since the Snowmageddon winter of 2010.”

Here’s a look at some of the “snow events” of the 2013-2014 winter season:

*Happy Turkey Day!: At Thanksgiving, there was a storm that hit parts of the East Coast.

*Dec. 8, this was the first snow event of the season when 0.6 inches fell at Reagan National Airport, according to Capital Weather Gang.



Snow falling in Frederick near Route 15 south and Interstate 270. (Lisa Bolton)


*Dec. 10, marked Snow Event No. 2, according to CWG. Snowfall: 0.9 inches.

*Snow that turned to mostly rain: On Dec. 14 we saw snow showers in some parts of the region before it turned to rain.

@ameliasegal @capitalweather @dougkammerer mod snow and sleet now starting to stick to Rt 7 in Leesburg va #vawx pic.twitter.com/IOwxvXHClT

— Dave Johnson (@AviationandWX) December 14, 2013

*The Big Daddy: At the time, it was called the biggest storm of the season on Jan. 2 and dubbed Snow Event No. 3. It dumped 1.9 inches of snow at Reagan National. Forecasters for the Capital Weather Gang called the snowfall an “old-fashioned snowstorm,” as snowfall around the D.C. region ranged from 4 to 8 inches.

A snowy late afternoon on the National Mall, Jan. 21 (Ian Livingston)



*Jan. 21, Officially called Snow Event No. 4 with 3.8 inches.



*Jan. 28 and Jan. 29 was Snow Event No. 5, when 0.5 inches fell at Reagan National on Jan. 28 and another 0.4 inches on Jan. 29. This was the storm that wrecked havoc in Atlanta and was called “Commutageddon,” as drivers were stuck for hours on major highways trying to get home.



*Feb. 9, Snow Event No. 6 when 0.1 inches fell.

And for those of us wishing for spring and tulips…. Yes, it has felt mostly like a gray and cold winter season. It hasn’t been all bad.

On Dec. 20 when A. Camden Walker of the Capital Weather Gang had a forecast with a headline that read: “D.C. area forecast: Stow the sweaters and consider the short sleeves” and went on to describe how temperatures were “soaring well above average.”