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The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency’s compliance division publishes a monthly summary of incidents and infractions at the state’s four casinos, and they’re never, ever dull. Here are a few entries from the January report. Square brackets [like these] indicate where I’ve added or translated something to explain the state’s shorthand; the summaries are otherwise verbatim.

Jan. 1, Rocky Gap Casino Resort: “Security advised that a dealer had cut her hand and got blood on the cards. The cards were pulled from the table and placed into a bio hazard container to be destroyed. All chips were removed from the table and washed as a precaution.”

Jan. 1, Casino at Ocean Downs: “[Maryland State Police] responded to the parking lot in reference to a pedestrian being struck by a motor vehicle.”

Jan. 2, Rocky Gap Casino Resort: “Twenty (20) cameras malfunctioned and lost recording capability. The server that caused the outage was restarted and camera coverage was restored. Each area where a camera was lost was covered by alternate cameras. The vendor identified the problem as being caused by outdated drivers and the problem will be corrected.”

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Jan. 2, Rocky Gap Casino Resort: “Compliance was notified of an in-house investigation into the theft of money by a female bartender. The bartender was consistently ‘short’ in her daily drawer count and was observed by surveillance taking cash from the register drawer as well as the tip jar. [Maryland State Police] was notified and responded to conduct an investigation. The employee was terminated and criminal theft charges are pending.”

Jan. 4, Maryland Live: “[Anne Arundel County Police] responded in reference to assisting security with a female who had won a jackpot but refused to complete a [currency transaction report, for a cash-out of $10,000-plus] and would not identify herself. She was eventually asked to leave however she refused and sat down on the floor. [Police] took her into custody and charged her with trespassing. No explanation was given as to why she would not identify herself or complete the paperwork. She is not listed as being enrolled in the [voluntary exclusion program for Maryland casinos].”

Jan. 4, Jan. 11 and Jan. 17, Rocky Gap Casino Resort: “[Maryland State Police] responded in reference to a counterfeit $20.00 bill.”

Jan. 6, Maryland Live: “A male subject was identified by a poker supervisor as having stolen chips from another player. Once the chips were taken, the suspect left the table and proceeded to the cage where he cashed them in. The suspect then went onto the gaming floor. He was identified by surveillance and was approached by security and [Anne Arundel County Police] at Pit 2. The suspect was interviewed by [police]. The suspect advised he may have picked up the wrong chips by mistake. He reimbursed the victim for $378.00 and was then evicted from the casino.”

Jan. 10, Maryland Live“A casino employee was arrested by [Maryland State Police] as part of an investigation into the passing of counterfeit money in the casino. A second employee was identified as possibly being involved. This employee was interviewed and the investigation is continuing. Both employees have been terminated from employment.”

Jan. 12, Rocky Gap Casino Resort: “A female patron received money from an ATM. While putting the money into her wallet she dropped a $100 bill. A male subject observed the money on the floor, covered it with his foot, then picked it up and walked away. When approached by security the subject admitted to taking the money and returned it.”

Jan. 11, Hollywood Casino at Perryville: “A male subject was identified as being too intoxicated to remain on the gaming floor. He was escorted outside to sit on a bench and a cab was called for him. Several minutes later he re-entered the casino and went to the main cage. He cashed out some chips, then left the casino and entered his vehicle and drove off of the property. [Perryville Police Department] was notified.”

Jan. 12, Rocky Gap Casino Resort: “A male subject was evicted for assaulting one of the cocktail servers.”

Jan. 12, Maryland Live: “A male subject reported to security that he had been robbed at knife point on the 3rd floor of the parking garage. He advised he had been approached by two (2) male subjects who demanded money from him. He told them he did not have any and went to his car and fell asleep. When he awoke, he had a flat tire. He exited the car to examine the damage and was again approached by the same subjects. A knife was held to his throat and he gave them approximately $400.00 in cash, five (5) credit cards and his driver’s license. The victim received a cut on his hand during the incident. [Anne Arundel County Police] responded to conduct an investigation.”

Jan. 18, Hollywood Casino at Perryville: “A female attempted to enter the casino with a small child. When advised the child could not come in, she returned to the tractor trailer she had arrived in. She left the child in the truck and entered the casino. Surveillance was able to determine that the child was alone and [the Perryville Police Department] was notified. Upon the officer’s arrival, the father had arrived at the truck. The child was left unattended for twelve (12) minutes. The [police] officer took all of the parent’s information and will be contacting the State’s Attorney’s Office in reference to prosecution.”

Jan. 22, Maryland Live“Security responded to a panic alarm at Pit 6. A male subject who had been losing grabbed $2,500.00 in chips from the table and attempted to flee the casino. While trying to exit, he threw the chips into a trash can. He was detained by security and [Anne Arundel County Police] responded. The subject was arrested and charged with felony theft.”

Jan. 23, Hollywood Casino at Perryville: “A male subject who had been issued a lifetime ban from the casino was located on the gaming floor. [Perryville Police] responded however the subject had already left the property. Casino management advised [police] that they do wish to pursue criminal trespass charges against the subject.”

Jan. 25, Maryland Live: “A male subject was evicted for intoxication and exposing himself. After being evicted and heading to his vehicle on the 2nd floor of the garage, he vandalized another vehicle. [Anne Arundel County Police] responded and the subject was arrested.”

Jan. 26, Casino at Ocean Downs: “Security was alerted to a male subject at the main entrance who appeared to be intoxicated. While at standing at the front entrance, he urinated on a trash can. Security detained the subject and [Maryland State Police] was notified. While being interviewed by the troopers, the subject became aggressive and was arrested for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. He has been permanently banned from the casino.”

Jan. 26, Casino at Ocean Downs: “A male subject was observed removing a can of beer which had not been purchased at the casino from his pocket. He was evicted by security but returned a short time later. [Maryland State Police] responded and the subject was issued a trespass notice and removed from the property.”

Jan. 31, Maryland Live: “[Anne Arundel County Police] responded in reference to a male subject reporting that he had been robbed by three (3) subjects in front of the east entrance. Investigation revealed that the subject had not been robbed and there was no indication that he had been approached by any subjects. The subject was arrested for making a false report.”

You can read the January compliance summary in its entirety here (PDF).


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