The College Board on Wednesday released the test specifications for the redesigned SAT college entrance exam, which is scheduled to replace the current exam when students who are now high school freshmen take the test in two years. The revised test will go back to a scoring system based on a perfect 1600 and make the essay, which is currently required, optional. The College Board says the new SAT will focus more on a student’s classroom achievement and will contain fewer “tricks,” part of a campaign to make the test more accessible and eliminate gaps in educational opportunity.

Here is a sampling of questions from the College Board, including two reading passages and selected math questions, which are meant to give an overview of the types of questions students might encounter. How would you do? If you’re on a mobile device, you might want to try the quiz here.

The College Board says the questions are preliminary and subject to further study and revision. The first five below refer to the first reading passage, and the next five refer to the second reading passage. The rest are examples of the type of math questions that might be on the new SAT.

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On mobile? Can’t see the quiz? See it here.