"The baby is HOW big?" Katherine Heigl in "Knocked Up." (Apatow Productions) “The baby is HOW big?” Katherine Heigl in “Knocked Up.” (Apatow Productions)

Reporters often get pitches from public relations folks. They are always well-meaning, but not always well proof-read. This one came in Friday night from a New York firm:

Hi Tom,

Hope you are well! I wanted to touch base and see if you would be interested in covering the upcoming Big City Moms Biggest Baby Ever! event, being held at the Bethesda Ballroom on May 29 (more information and event details included below). We’d happy to offer a ticket giveaway to your readers – which includes a gift basket filled with goodies!…

How could I refuse? My proposed response:

Hi Ashley — Wow, this sounds awesome. Just how big IS that baby? Bigger than an SUV? How big was the previous Biggest Baby Ever? And what about Mom?  She has to be very, uh, proud. What did she do to produce the Biggest Baby Ever? That must’ve been one heck of a pre-natal diet. And I don’t even want to think about the breast-feeding….

The missing word in the press release is “shower.” “Biggest Baby Shower Ever!” (Bold face included.) Less newsworthy, though.

What other questions should I send in my response?