During the University of Maryland’s graduation on Thursday morning, President Wallace Loh had a special request for keynote speaker Gov. Martin O’Malley (D): “I would love to take a selfie with you — with the students in the background!”

O’Malley agreed, with a smile, and the two gown-wearing men put their arms around one another. Loh held a cell phone out in front — likely too low to capture the crowd of graduates seated behind them.

“Take it high,” O’Malley coached, holding his hand up in the air. “Take it high.

Still, Loh was too low. He gave up and said: “You take it.”

“Ready?” said O’Malley, who is debating a run for the White House. “Hold on, wait a minute.”

Finally, the governor fired off some snaps. And with a triumphant fist-pump in the air, the governor retook his seat as the students cheered. Loh tweeted the — sort of blurry — pic.


Taking “pretty awesome selfies” was one of the five reasons that U-Md. students gave for being excited that O’Malley was their commencement speaker, according to a short video that played ahead of his speech. You can watch that video, and then the governor’s speech, starting at about 1:29:45: