(Courtesy of Empowerment Temple A.M.E.C)

Maryland mega-church Pastor Jamal H. Bryant took a page out of the Book of Breezy to supplement his Sunday sermon this weekend.

“Every sister just elbow another sister, ‘he should have listened’. Every brother tap another brother and say: ‘I should have listened to her,'” Bryant began preaching.

Then the Empowerment Temple Pastor shocked the congregation with this line: “Old saints, ya’ll forgive me but I got to tell you these hoes ain’t loyal!”

The comment brought the congregation members screaming, cheering and clapping to their feet.

The lyrics, taken from Chris Brown’s latest track “Loyal” seemed to come out of nowhere, and Bryant never really finished his thought after the crowd’s boisterous reaction.

“Be seated, I gotta go…,” Byrant added after several minutes of reaction from the congregation, before continuing on with his comments about “women’s suffrage” and the Roman Governor of Judea during Jesus’s time, Pontius Pilate.

You can see the moment at around 18:00 minutes into the sermon:

Bryant took to Twitter to defend the comments from his “I’m My Enemies Worst Nightmare” sermon.

But it’s hard to make an argument for using the misogynistic word “hoes” in Church, as the Root points out.

The comments are also particularly noteworthy because Bryant has had some personal problems of his own. He and his wife of more than five years filed for divorce in 2008 after she alleged that he had an extramarital affair. Years later, he admitted that the affair contributed to the end of his marriage.

Chris Brown’s near-constant run ins with the law and the alleged public assault of his then-girlfriend Rihanna make him even less of a prime candidate for guest appearance at the pulpit.