A vulture that has been hanging around K Street in Washington appears to be looking at its own reflection in an office window. (Photo by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Hand Washington a chance to be self-deprecating, and, oh, will it deliver. Take Bob Schneider, who responded to the news that two vultures had made a home on K Street, an area known for highly paid lobbyists, with this comment: “I’m a retired lobbyist. I resent this remark, they are merely applying for jobs.”

The jokes that people have left on The Washington Post’s Web site and Facebook page since the story first appeared online Thursday have left no target safe.

Not politicians:

“We owe it to our fine feathered friends to provide a plethora of carcasses come this November. However, even a vulture might choke on some of them,” wrote lelliot4.

Not lobbyists:

“Hey vultures, I think you have it wrong. The lobbyists are dead INSIDE. Not actual corpses. Just dead INSIDE. Easy mistake to make,” wrote Dave O’Brien.

And not journalists:

“I’ve also noticed the vultures hovering around the Washington Post building. I wonder what that means…,” wrote JackArmstrong.

His comment spurred Oknow1 to add, “they seem to have a knack for sensing impending death.”

Gulp. Thanks for including us in the joke, I think (although we at The Post were much more smitten with our resident snowy owl back in January).

Here are some other comments from readers:

Dave Wallace: They think Congress is dead because they haven’t seen any movement since our president was first elected.

Sammy Jane: The carcass of American democracy is still fresh apparently.

Fabrizio Remotti: How appropriate. Plenty of hyenas already.

Tom Butts: Please don’t make comparisons. You insult the birds.

Stanford P. Cormier: I hope they don’t get heart burn. From eating the stupid politicians.

Mdlbigcat: Vultures on K St, now all we need is reptile sightings at the Capitol, and DC will be all set.