President Obama invited dozens of tinkerers, inventors and entrepreneurs to show off their creations at the White House Wednesday during its first-ever Maker Faire.

Obama said he hopes to “inspire a new wave of innovation”  among Americans that can bring new jobs and new industries that will help rebuild the nation’s economy.

“Through the generations, American inventors have lit our homes, propelled humanity into the skies, and helped people across the planet connect at the click of a button. American manufacturers have never stopped chasing the next big breakthrough,” he said in a proclamation establishing June 18 as a National Day of Making, that he said would serve to “celebrate and carry forward this proud tradition.”

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Among the inventions on display at the White House were a low-cost newborn incubator that can help save premature babies in rural villages, which invented by a student at Stanford University,  a pair of comfortable crutches designed by a biomedical engineering student in Atlanta, and a biodiesel car built by some high school students in West Philadelphia. 

Makers all over the country are invited to share their creations on Twitter at #NationofMakers. Here’s some tweets from the White House.