Remember @IHidTheCash? The Twitter user, inspired by a San Francisco phenomenon, who drops off envelopes of money in cryptically described corners of Washington and Baltimore? After more than a month on the job as the region’s self-appointed mysterious benefactor, @IHidTheCash says he has decided to shake things up today.

Rather than placing an envelope with money in a physical location, he’s giving out cash to any internet user who tweets in response to instructions he’ll post this afternoon. “You don’t have to leave your laptop, phone…or your AC…or your beer,” he wrote.

The clues might require tweeting at a certain account, using a hashtag, or answering a question, he wrote in a list of instructions he posted for the digital hunt.

The user behind these cryptic acts of generosity insists on remaining anonymous, but he told The Post in direct messages on Twitter that he earned a lot of money, though he prefers to say he won it, and he lives in the Washington area. He said he has given out about $1,000 so far and plans to keep going indefinitely.

He has been moved by the experiences of people who find his white envelopes, which he said contain $20 to $80 each. Someone who found an envelope at Inner Harbor told @IHidTheCash that she used the money to buy haircuts for a family that just adopted two blind children. Two women who deciphered the location of an envelope hidden in Bethesda at the same time agreed to split the cash, and formed what he described as an “instant friendship.” Others have donated their findings to meaningful causes.

“This is fun, and emotionally powerful,” he wrote.

To join in on the fun, and perhaps earn some quick money from your couch, hop on Twitter now. He says the clues will start shortly after 5 p.m.