In which I highlight local tweets and analyze why they’re relevant.

This is not something you see every day. Firelake Grill, the ho-hum lunch and dinner spot that was located on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Van Ness St. NW,  is apparently no longer, as evidenced from the photo above.

For one, you don’t normally witness evictions in Tenleytown, never mind ones where an entire restaurant gets put out on the street.

The location also happens to be pretty prime. It has one of the best true decks in the city and the building inside isn’t bad either. It was a pretty popular spot for people who worked in the area.

But there’s also a personal connection I have to that building. When I was in college, and home for breaks, I was a server at what used to be a Ruby Tuesday’s. Fun times.

It wasn’t a super popular place, but it employed a bunch of college age kids and I made some friends, a few that I still talk to. One of them you might have heard of before: Jackie Kucinich. Here’s to hoping that 4200 Wisconsin Avenue can finally find a tenant that fits the neighborhood’s sensibility.