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‘D.C. already hates us,’ says co-founder of pizza app

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Push for Pizza, a smartphone app designed to make ordering a pizza without getting off your couch as simple as possible, launched on Tuesday.

“Forty-eight hours,” one of the five 19-year-old co-founders of the app said on Thursday afternoon. “And D.C. already hates us.”

It’s not that D.C. doesn’t like pizza, delivered to your door 20 to 40 minutes after you push a button on your smartphone. It’s the message that Washingtonians get when they input their address: “DC is not a valid state.”

When Washingtonians started pointing out the problem, the app’s founders blithely tweeted, “People of DC we have good news! Instead of DC, put in VA and your correct zip code!!!”

“We thought you guys would be happy about that,” co-founder Cyrus Summerlin said on Thursday. Summerlin, who lives in New York City along with the other founders, has visited the District once. But he had no idea what he was in for.

Summerlin quickly learned his lesson. “And we thought New Yorkers were tough! Geez!”

He tried to play nice. In a phone call with a reporter, he flattered our city, mentioning that he had just read that it was named the coolest city in the country by Forbes. “I’m sure that you have tons of pizzerias in D.C., because you’re a nice urban area,” he said.

He has learned, though, that the true way to a Washingtonian’s heart isn’t just pizza — it’s equal representation. So in about a week, as soon as the Push for Pizza team can get a new version of the app submitted to Apple, users who have typed in D.C. ZIP codes will see a special notification pop up on their phones, telling them to update the app in order to get a version that recognizes D.C.

“Really we’re all about pizza,” Summerlin said. “We just want everyone to have pizza.”