Six Flags America in Upper Marlboro, Md., said Thursday that the park plans to unveil its 10th roller coaster, the Bourbon Street Fireball, in 2015. (YouTube/SixFlagsParks)

Strap in thrill-seekers: A new, seven-story, looping roller coaster named the Bourbon Street Fireball will open at Six Flags America in Maryland next summer.

In 2015, Washington area riders will take off in the pendulum-style coaster, which turns upside down several times until it makes a full circle like a clock’s hand and then reverses course mid-ride.

Yes, you read that right — it goes forward and backward. And all in two minutes.

This is the park’s 10th roller coaster. Havilah Ross, a park spokeswoman, said the park added its last roller coaster — Ragin Cajun — this year. The new roller coaster is being built in the park’s Mardi Gras-themed section, which already has six rides.

The park, in Upper Marlboro, added Maryland’s only standing roller coaster in 2012.

A roller coaster with the same design will open at three other Six Flags theme parks in New Jersey, Georgia and California in 2015. The roller coaster will have different names, such as Looping Dragon, at the other locations.

Bourbon Street Fireball, a new roller coaster at Six Flags America, will open in 2015. (Courtesy Six Flags America)